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开玩笑 kāi wánxiào

Posted by calkins October 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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kāi wánxiào




T : 開玩笑


S : 开玩笑



Example Sentence

T 我是開玩笑,你可別介意呀。
S 我是开玩笑,你可别介意呀。

wǒ shì kāi wánxiào,nǐ kě bié jièyì ya.

I was only joking. I hope you won't take offense.


T 他們拿我開玩笑,你怎麼不來給我解圍?
S 他们拿我开玩笑,你怎么不来给我解围?

tāmen ná wǒ kāi wánxiào,nǐ zěnme bù lái gěi wǒ jiěwéi ?

Why didn't you come to my rescue when they were making fun of me?


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