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玩具 wánjù

Posted by calkins October 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: toy, wánjù, 玩具

Photograph by Graeme Robertson










Example Sentence

T 這個小賣部賒賬讓小學生買玩具
S 这个小卖部赊账让小学生买玩具

zhège xiǎomàibù shēzhàng ràng xiǎoxuéshēng mǎi wánjù.

This department store gives credit to elementary students so they can buy toys.


T 異型玩具在西方玩具市場上很受歡迎。
S 异型玩具在西方玩具市场上很受欢迎。

yìxíng wánjù zài xīfāng wánjù shìchǎng shàng hěn shòu huānyíng.

Special shaped toys are popular in the Western toy market.


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