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Levels on ChinesePod?

Posted by sotrapa November 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Is there any standard, anything the ChinesePod levels are roughly equivalent to, expressed in college semesters, the HSK levels or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, something like that?

I just stumbled upon ChinesePod and it has immediately rekindled my interest in the Chinese language ;-)

There's just some lingering confusion about the levels, I hope someone can give me a clear explanation.

Having studied Chinese on my own without a tutor but occasional feedback for about a year before work kept me from progressing for 3 months, I suppose my comfort level is somewhere between Upper Intermediate and Advanced. This strikes me as a little unusual, seeing as most non-native speakers could hardly be described as "advanced students" even after several years of studying a language at school. Furthermore, I'm nowhere near actually being fluent in Chinese. I was fluent in Spanish after one year, but Chinese is a different matter.

Any thoughts on this?

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