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Can anyone recommended courses in China?

Posted by aimwell November 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi all, 

Sorry if this has been discussed recently; I looked back through but could not see anything.

I was hoping to find out if anyone can recommend any courses/institutions/websites for short-term language classes in China? I have a few months to spare from Jan/Feb next year, but there is so much stuff on the web that a personal recommendation would really help. I am looking for something for up to 3 months, anywhere in China (except Shanghai where I have spent time before, & Beijing).  Though I have inclination to go to Dalian (football, fun place, or so I have heard!)

I am an Elementary/Intermediate/Qing Wen listener on Chinesepod, and have taken evening lessons (in England) for just over 2 years.

These are two sites that have interested me..

If anyone has any experience of these or other sites, or specific institutions it would be great to hear from you. Or if people think that teaching or finding a job would be a better way to spend my time, it would be great to get any advice about that...

Thanks in advance...


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