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Adressing an juror?

Posted by sotrapa November 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Assuming that 先生+surname (if supplied) is appropiate for male members of the panel, what would be the best term for addressing a (female) juror? I always feel uncomfortable about 太太, especially since it's used with the husband's surname, if I'm not mistaken. Would 老师 be a proper term? It's quite likely that the jury will consist of educated, middle-aged Chinese with a background in cultural studies or linguistics, so 老师 would fit in. I heard 女士 is a word only foreigners would use, and it's reserved for extremely formal situations. Am I misinformed? Please enlighten me ;) (I know there's a QingWen on this issue, but I wonder whether there are any special factors coming into play here.)

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