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phonetic map : 卒 zu

Posted by goulnik November 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 卒

foot soldier; underling / to finish
走卒 zǒuzú errand boy; pawn
卒读 zúdú to finish reading
* sudden
卒卒 cùcù hurriedly
卒中 cùzhòng apoplexy
猝然 cùrán suddenly; unexpectedly
to squeak; make a slight noise
窸窣 xīsū rustle; squeak
窣利语 Sùlìyǔ Sogdian **
cuì kingfisher / emerald green
翠鸟 cuìniǎo kingfisher; halcyon
翠竹 cuìzhú ngreen bamboo
cuì pure; unadulterated
纯粹 chúncuì
cuì b.f. gather together
萃集 cuìjí gathering of the best
cuì pale and weak; in decline
悴贱 cuìjiàn needy and lowly
cuì to temper (metal)
淬火 cuìhuǒ to quench; anneal
淬灭 cuìmiè cancellation
cuì exhausted
劳瘁 láocuì ∼ from excessive work
cuì to spit; expectorate
啐一口痰 cuì yī kǒu tán to spit phlegm
suì broken; garrulous
破碎 pòsuì to smash to pieces
烦碎 fánsuì tedious, overelaborate
suì to scold; curse
谇骂 suìmà to scold; reproach
zuì drunk; tipsy / addicted
麻醉 mázuì anesthesia; narcosis
醉心 zuìxīn infatuated with
zuì. a baby's first year
百晬 bǎizuì party given 100
days after a child's birth
zuó to seize; grasp tightly
捽颈 zuójǐng to seize by the throat

** Sogdian : anything pertaining to Sogdiana, an ancient civilization of Iranian peoples

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