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phonetic map : 弱 ruo

Posted by goulnik November 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 弱

ruò weak; feeble / young; less **
弱点 ruòdiǎn weak point; weakness
弱弟 ruòdì young brother
ruò tender young cattails
篛席 ruòxí rush mat made of arum
nuò to grasp; provoke
捉搦 zhuōnuò to apprehend; arrest
搦战 nuòzhàn to challenge to fight
* niào urine/ to urinate **
便溺 biànniào human excretion
遗溺 yíniào incontinence
* to drown; indulge
溺沉 nìchén to submerge
饥溺 jīnì extreme hunger
溺爱 nì'ài to spoil (a child)

** 弱 a bit/little less than (following a fraction/decimal) as in 三分之一弱 a bit less than one-third
** 溺 also == 尿 niào/suī

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