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phonetic map : 氐 di

Posted by goulnik November 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 氐

* ancient tribe
氐羌 Dī Qiāng nomadic, western tribe
basic; thoroughgoing
氐惆 dǐchóu annoyed; vexed; upset
降低 jiàngdī to reduce; drop
低下 dīxià low (status etc.)
bottom; end; ground / basic
彻底 chèdǐ thorough(ly)
到底 dàodǐ finally; after all.
本底 běndǐ background
to support; resist; mortgage; arrive at
抵抗 dǐkàng to resist; stand up to
抵押 dǐyā to mortgage
抵补 dǐbǔ to compensate for
抵达 dǐdá to reach; arrive at
tree root
根柢 gēndǐ foundation; basis
grindstone; whetstone
砥石 dǐshí whetslate; whetstone
砥砺 dǐlì to temper; encourage
residence of a high official
官邸 guāndǐ official residence
ram; billy goat
羝羊 dīyáng ram; he-goat
scold; upbraid; libel
诋毁 dǐhuǐ to slander; defame
讥诋 jīdǐ to satirize and slander
骶骨 dǐgǔ n. sacrum
  chī sparrow hawk
油鸱 yóuchī oilbird
zhī .
胼胝 piánzhī callosity / to toil
  zhī respect
祗肃 zhīsù v.p. respectful; reverent

** 抵 variants : 牴/觝

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