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Speaking about stereotype in chinese

Posted by kimiik November 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Definition : A stereotype (from Greek: stereo + týpos = "solid impression") is a generalized perception of first impressions: behaviors presumed by a group of people judging with the eyes/criticizing ones outer appearance (or a population in general) to be associated with another specific group.

How to speak about stereotype in chinese ?

Wikipededia gives the words 刻板印象 and 印刻作用

国民刻板印象 (national stereotype)

or 国民的刻板印象

人种刻板印象 (race stereotype)

or 人种的刻板印象

种族刻板印象 (ethnic stereoptype)

or 种族的刻板印象

But in daily conversation, it would be :

固定的形象 (usual image)

旧框框 (old frame)

陈规 (outmoded convention)

老套 (old stuff)


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