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phonetic map : 叕 zhuo

Posted by goulnik January 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 叕

zhuó (old form of 缀 zhuì)
chuò to drink; eat; sob **
(饣甫)啜 būchuò to eat and drink
啜泣 chuòqì to sob
chuò troubled
惙惙 chuòchuò sad; depressed; melancholy
chuò to stop before completion **
辍学 chuòxué to discontinue one's studies
* zhuì to sew; stitch; compose; decorate; adorn; affix
补缀 bǔzhuì to mend (clothes); patch
点缀 diǎnzhui to embellish; adorn
缀辑 zhuìjí to compile and edit
后缀 hòuzhuì suffix
duō to pick up with both hands
拾掇 shíduo to tidy up; repair; fix
duō to repair worn-out clothing
补裰 bǔduō to sew and mend
直裰 zhíduō monk's/priest's robe
蝃蝀 dìdōng rainbow

** 啜 also written 餟
** 辍 also written 缀
** 蝃 also written 螮

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