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处死 chǔsǐ ... WARNING : Graphic Content (don't view if you are squeamish)

Posted by calkins November 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: 處死, 处死, chǔsǐ, execution

Photograph by Eddie Adams, Vietnam 1968






T : 處死


S : 处死



Example Sentence

T 罪犯已被處死
S 罪犯已被处死

zuìfàn yǐ bèi chǔsǐ.

The criminal has been executed.


T 特工隊處死了一名叛徒。
S 特工队处死了一名叛徒。

tègōng duì chǔsǐ le yī míng pàntú.

The secret service unit has executed an insurgent.


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