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phonetic map : 兆 zhao

Posted by goulnik November 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 兆

  zhào million; mega- / sign; omen
兆位 zhàowèi megabyte
吉兆 jízhào good omen; propitious sign
* tiāo to select; pick; nitpick
挑选 tiāoxuǎn to choose; select
挑错 tiāocuò to deliberately find fault
独挑] dútiāo to handle by oneself
挑脚 tiāojiǎo to carry on a shoulder pole
* tiǎo to push sth. up; instigate; provoke
挑战 tiǎozhàn a/to challenge
挑拨 tiǎobō provocation
tiào to jump; palpitate; skip (over)
跳伞 tiàosǎn parachute
跳读 tiàodú to skim (in reading)
膝跳 xītiào n. knee jerk
tiāo frivolous
躁佻 zàotiāo frivolous; rash
tiào to look into the distance from a high vantage point
眺望 tiàowàng to scan from afar
tiǎo .
窕邃 tiǎosuì abstruse; deep and profound
轻窕 qīngtiǎo frivolous; capricious
  tiāo be heir to
宗祧 zōngtiāo clan pedigree; family line
  diào utensil for medicines
铫子 diàozi pot used in decocting medical herbs
* tāo .
挑达 tāotà t. walk casually to and fro
táo to escape; flee; evade
逃避 táobì to escape; evade; shirk
逃跑 táopǎo to run away; flee
táo n. peach
桃花 peach blossom
桃花运 táohuāyùn luck in love
Yáo (surname)
票姚 piàoyáo vigorous and lively
  yáo clam/scallop shell; mother-of-pearl
江珧 jiāngyáo scallops (Atrina japonica)

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