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Posted by pearltowerpete November 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello all

Criticism of CPod is fine. We welcome your advice and suggestions. I believe in freedom of expression and a lively public debate on these forums. As a forum moderator, I don't like to delete comments, even negative ones, or use too heavy of a unless it's really necessary.

But today Paganfarmer, a trial user who was spamming a lot of groups (trogging, if you like) crossed a couple of lines. We just cannot tolerate hateful or racist comments or personal attacks. As a result, Paganfarmer has been banned and his/her comments deleted.

I'm sorry about allowing this person to damage the atmosphere of friendly discussion that we try so hard to cultivate here.

Most important is that the vast majority of poddies, who are serious, funny people, get back to the important job of learning Chinese. As always, the rest of the CPod team and I will be very happy to take your questions, comments and criticisms.



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