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phonetic map : 空 kong

Posted by goulnik November 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 空

kōng empty; hollow; void; unreal / sky; space
空洞 kōngdòng empty; shallow / cavity
空想 kōngxiǎng fantasy; daydream
航空 hángkōng n. aviation
天空 tiānkōng n. sky; heaven
* kòng free/spare time; chance; room
空白 kòngbái blank space; the sky
空闲 kòngxián spare time; leisure
空子 kòngzi opening; chance; opportunity
kòng to accuse; control; dominate
控告 kònggào to charge; accuse / accusation
控制 kòngzhì to control; command
* kōng .
倥侗 kōngtóng ignorant; unenlightened
kōng guileless
悾悾 kōngkōng candid; simple minded
悾款 kōngkuǎn sincere; candid
* kǒng .
倥偬 kǒngzǒng pressing; urgent; destitute
qiāng body cavity / tune
口腔音 kǒuqiāngyīn oral
接腔 jiēqiāng to answer; respond
腔调 qiāngdiào tune; accent

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