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phonetic map : 屈 qu

Posted by goulnik November 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 屈

to bend; wrong; suffer a ∼; subdue; crooked
委屈 wěiqu to wrong sb. / grievance
屈服 qūfú to surrender; yield
屈曲 qūqū crooked; winding
hole; cave; den
窟窿 kūlong hole; cavity; deficit; debt
石窟 shíkū rock cave; grotto
窟宅 kūzhái lair; underground chamber
(same as 窟)
jué to dig
发掘 fājué to unearth; tap the potential
挖掘 wājué to excavate; unearth
jué .
倔起 juéqǐ to rise abruptly; suddenly appear
倔强 juéjiàng stubborn
juè gruff; surly; stubborn
干倔 gānjuè stubborn
倔头 juètóu intransigent person
jué to rise abruptly
崛崎 juéqí steep
奇崛 qíjué unusual; outstanding

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