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phonetic map : 未 wei

Posted by goulnik December 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 未

  wèi have not yet / 8th Earthly Branch
未来 wèilái future
并未 bìngwèi not yet
wèi taste; flavor; smell; delicacy; delight
味精 wèijīng n. monosodium glutamate
味道 wèidao taste; flavor; interest; smell
美味 měiwèi delicacy / delicious
趣味 qùwèi fun; interest; delight
mèi younger sister
妹妹 mèimei younger sister
姐妹 jiěmèi sisters
mèi to conceal / confused; obscure
愚昧 yúmèi ignorant; fatuous
深昧 shēnmèi dark; obscure; gloomy
昏昧 hūnmèi stupid
mèi sleep
入寐 rùmèi to fall asleep
梦寐 mèngmèi dream; sleep
mèi .
沬血 mèixiě bleeding face
  mèi demon; attractive
魅力 mèilì glamor; charm
魑魅 chīmèi evil spirit

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