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phonetic map : 末 mo

Posted by goulnik December 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 末

* to put on; apply; smear; brush off
抹粉 mǒfěn to apply powder make-up
打抹 dǎmǒ to wipe (shoes/etc.); drop a hint
改抹 gǎimǒ to white out (with correction fluid)
tip; end; minor details; powder; dust
末梢 mòshāo tip; end
末了 mòliǎo finally; in the end
末行 mòxíng minor details
粉末 fěnmò powder
* to plaster; bypass
抹灰 mòhuī to plaster
抹角 mòjiǎo to make a turn
抹腿 mòtuǐ v.o. break one's leg
foam; froth
泡沫 pàomò n. foam; froth; bubble
唾沫 tuòmo n. saliva; spittle
livestock feed
秣槽 mòcáo n. fodder trough
* .
袜腹 mòfù stomacher
茉莉 mòli jasmine
莉花 mòlihuā
靺鞨 Mòhé the Tungusic tribe
  * to wipe; slip sth. off
抹脸 māliǎn to wipe one's face; become stern
  * socks; stockings; hose
袜子 wàzi
长袜 chángwà stockings

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