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phonetic map : 匡 kuang

Posted by goulnik December 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 匡

kuàng frame; circle / to restrict
门框 ménkuàng n. door frame
框框 kuàngkuang restriction; convention
kuāng to correct (an error); assist
匡算 kuāngsuàn to calculate roughly
匡助 kuāngzhù to help; assist
kuàng eye socket
眼眶 yǎnkuàng eye socket; orbit
kuāng basket
筐菜 kuāngcài crated vegetables
筐子 kuāngzi small basket; wicker
kuāng .
劻勷 kuāngráng in haste and agitation
kuāng (crash; bang)
哐啷 kuānglāng sound of crushing
kuāng to deceive; hoax
诓话 kuānghuà lie; false words
诓骗 kuāngpiàn to deceive; dupe

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