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phonetic map : 王 wang

Posted by goulnik December 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 王

* wàng to rule
王天下 wàng tiānxià to rule over the empire
wáng king; prince / great; honorable
王后 wánghòu queen consort; queen
帝王 dìwáng emperor; monarch
王父 wángfù grandfather
wǎng toward; previous; frequently
往返 wǎng-fǎn to and return
往事 wǎngshì past events; the past
往往 wǎngwǎng often; frequently
wàng to observe; hope; expect; approach; visit / prestige; resentment; full moon
守望 shǒuwàng to keep watch
希望 xīwàng to hope; wish
期望 qīwàng to expect/hope earnestly
拜望 bàiwàng to call on
名望 míngwàng fame; renown
怨望 yuànwàng resentment; grudge
望月 wàngyuè full moon
wāng to collect; accumulate; soak / puddle; pool / (bark)
汪洋 wāngyáng vast; boundless
汪汪 wāngwāng tearful; vast; deep and extensive
wàng prosperous; flourishing
兴旺 xīngwàng
旺盛 wàngshèng vigorous; prolific
wǎng to distort; pervert; wrong / in vain; bent
枉法 wǎngfǎ to pervert the law
冤枉 yuānwang to treat unjustly
枉自 wǎngzì in vain
枉然 wǎngrán futile; purposeless
枉曲 wǎngqū bent; crooked; warped
kuāng to correct (an error); assist **
huáng emperor; sovereign / imperial; royal; magnificent; uneasy; anxious **

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