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phonetic map : 皇 huang

Posted by goulnik December 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 皇

huáng bright; brilliant
煌煌 huánghuáng sparkling and bright
辉煌 huīhuáng brilliant; glorious
huáng emperor; sovereign / imperial; royal; magnificent; uneasy; anxious
皇帝 huángdì emperor
皇后 huánghòu empress
保皇 bǎohuáng royalist
堂皇 tánghuáng stately; magnificent
仓皇 cānghuáng in a panic; hurriedly
huáng afraid; fearful; anxious; uneasy; hurried
惶恐 huángkǒng terrified
忧惶 yōuhuáng worried and apprehensive
惶惶 huánghuáng agitated; restless
huáng .
凤凰 fènghuáng phoenix
求凰 qiúhuáng to seek a wife
huáng .
徊徨 huíhuáng to walk back and forth; hesitate
huáng bamboo grove
幽篁 yōuhuáng secluded and restful bamboo grove
huáng locust
蝗虫 huángchóng locust; yellow mini-cab
huáng .
遑急 huángjí agitated; scared and harried
不遑 bùhuáng f.e. there's not enough time to do sth.
huáng dry moat outside a city wall
城隍 chénghuáng city god; moat
池隍 chíhuáng n. moat
huáng .
艅艎 yúhuáng big warship
(饣+皇) huáng .
(饣+长)(饣+皇) zhānghuáng dried sweetmeat
huáng sturgeon
鲟鳇 xún-huáng giant fish; Chinese sturgeon

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