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phonetic map : 扇 shan

Posted by goulnik December 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 扇

* shān to fan; slap; flap; flutter; incite; stir up
扇风 shānfēng to fan
扇动 shāndòng to fan; flap; instigate
扇荡 shāndàng to stir up unrest/disorder
shàn fan; leaf
电扇 diànshàn electric fan
吊扇 diàoshàn ceiling fan
门扇 ménshàn door leaf
shān to fan a fire; jabber; instigate
煽客 shānkè instigator
煽情 shānqíng to rouse emotion; flirt
煽扇 shānshàn to fan a fire
煽动 shāndòng to incite; stir up
* shān (variant of 扇 shān)
shàn to castrate; spay
骟马 shànmǎ castrated horse; gelding

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