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phonetic map : 夫 fu

Posted by goulnik December 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 夫

* .
夫己氏 fújǐshì a certain person
husband; man; person
丈夫 zhàngfu husband
夫人 fūren Lady; Madame; Mrs.
大夫 dàifu physician; doctor
农夫 nóngfū farmer
厨夫 chúfū chef; cook
to support with the hand; help; relieve
扶栏 fúlán handrail
扶助 fúzhù to help; assist; support
电扶梯 diànfútī escalator
皮肤 pífū
肤浅 fūqiǎn superficial; shallow
伕子 fūzi conscripted labor
芙蓉 fúróng cottonrose hibiscus; lotus
* instep **
* to sit cross-legged / pedestal
趺石 fūshí pedestal
呋喃 fūnán furan (a chemical)
. **
珷玞 wǔfū jade-like stone
碔趺 wǔfū
蚨蝶 fúdié butterfly
青蚨 qīngfú insect; copper cash
麸皮 fūpí (wheat) bran
麸素 fūsù gluten
钅+夫 fū . .
(钅+夫)斧 fūfǔ ax
(钅+夫)钺 fūyuè punishment of crimes

** 趺 is a variant of 跗
** 砆 also written 砆

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