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Posted by sebire December 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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The picture is available much bigger

S: 乐器

T: 樂器


Musical instruments


 S: 我在乐器专卖店买了一个二胡的琴弓。
 T:  我在樂器專賣店買了一個二胡的琴弓。
 wǒ zài yuèqì zhuānmàidiàn mǎi le yī ge èrhú de qín gōng.

I bought an erhu bow in a specialist instrument shop.

According to Wikipedia, most instruments can be classified into Eight Sounds, 八音 (bāyīn), depending on the material they were made from:

Silk    丝 / 絲 [sī]

Bamboo 竹 [zhú]

Wood 木 [mù]

Stone 石 [shí]

Metal 金 [jīn]

Clay 土 [tǔ]

Gourd 匏 [páo]

Leather [gé]


You can hear some of the instruments at

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