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反射 fǎnshè

Posted by calkins December 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: to reflect, reflectiion, fǎnshè, 反射







Example Sentence

T 紫外線會滲入水面下至少20公分,再被水反射到游泳者的身上,其強度更大。

S 紫外线会渗入水面下至少20公分,再被水反射到游泳者的身上,其强度更大。

zǐwàixiàn huì shènrù shuǐmiàn xìa zhìshǎo 20 gōngfēn ,zài bèi shuǐ fǎnshè dào yóuyǒngzhě de shēnshàng ,qí qiángdù gèngdà.

Ultraviolet rays can permeate below water's surface at least 20 centimeters, then is reflected again by the water to a swimmer's body, making its intensity even bigger.

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