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phonetic map : 也 ye

Posted by goulnik December 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 也

also; too; as well; either; even; by and large
再也 zàiyě (never) again
然也 rányě surely; definitely
也得 yěděi be obliged to
he; other; another **
他处 tāchù elsewhere
* de adverbial suffix (-ly)
忽地 hū de suddenly; unexpectedly
倏地 shūde swiftly; suddenly
* earth; land; fields; ground; place; position
地球 dìqiú the earth/globe
土地 tǔdì land; soil; territory
地面 dìmiàn surface; ground; floor
地亩 dìmǔ fields; farmland
地位 dìwèi position; status
地方 dìfāng local; regional / place
chí speed; gallop; to spread
奔驰 bēnchí to run quickly; speed
驰名 chímíng famous
chí to relax; slacken / lax
弛缓 chíhuǎn to relax
松弛 sōngchí lax; relaxed
chí pool; pond; stalls
池塘 chítáng pond; pool
电池 diànchí battery
城池 chéngchí city wall and moat
池座 chízuò (theater) stall
gourd-shaped washbowl
槃匜 pányí basin; washing bowl
(讠+也)(讠+也) yíyí arrogant
酏剂 yǐjì
(variant of 迤,see 乞-乙+也 map)
(variant of 迤,see 乞-乙+也 map)

** the ancient sounds, now tā and yě, were similar
** 其他 qítā also written 其它

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