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phonetic map : 乞-乙+也

Posted by goulnik December 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 乞-乙+也

乞-乙+也 . (component, variant of 它)
shī to execute; carry out; bestow; use; apply; exert
实施 shíshī to implement
措施 cuòshī measure, step
施舍 shīshě to give alms
施粉 shīfěn to powder one's face
施压 shīyā to exert pressure
shī silk fabric **
黄絁 huángshī Daoist robe of coarse silk
tuō to pull; haul; drag on; mop
拖斗 tuōdǒu trailer
拖长 tuōcháng to drag out; lengthen
拖带 tuōdài traction; towing
拖把 tuōbǎ mop
tuó (variant of 沱,see 它 map)
* .
逶迤 wēiyí winding; meandering; distant
* toward; extending to
逦迤 lǐyǐ sprawling out in all directions
迤靡 yǐmǐ joined; connected

** simplified form has 纟radical,but no unicode (纟+乞-乙+也)

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