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phonetic map : 它 ta

Posted by goulnik December 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 它

it; they; this; that **
它们 tāmen they (non-human)
tuó .
滂沱 pāngtuó torrential; streaming (tears)
沱茶 bowl-shaped compressed tea
沱若 tuóruò flowing down (tears)
tuó . **
磨佗子 mótuózi an annoying person
tuó .
蹉跎 cuōtuó to slip and fall; miss a chance
磨跎 mótuó to waste time; idle about
tuó .
陀螺 tuóluó top (toy); gyroscope
tuó be hunchbacked; camel
骆驼 luòtuo camel; blockhead
驼背 tuóbèi hunchback; humpback
tuó ostrich
鸵鸟 tuóniǎo ostrich
鹬鸵 yùtuó kiwi
tuó lump
坨子 tuózi lump; heap
tuó girder
房柁 fángtuó girder; ridgepole
tuó stone roller
碾砣 niǎntuó n. roller
砣子 tuózi emery wheel
tuó blush from drinking
酡然 tuórán flushed from drinking
duò rudder; helm
舵手 steersman pilot; helmsman
把舵 bǎduò to hold the rudder
* shé n. snake; serpent **
* .
蛇蛇 yíyí facile (of words) ; leisurely
(see 讠+也 map)

** 它 was borrowed long ago as a phonetic-loan character for the third-person pronoun 他 'he, she, it'. Sometimes it was written 佗, which became 他. Only in modern times was a distinction made (in writing) between 他 he, 她 she, and 它 it.
** 佗 is a variant of 驼
** The ancient sounds of 蛇 and 它 (now shé and tā) were similar.

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