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phonetic map : 东 dong

Posted by goulnik December 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 东

dòng to freeze / jelly
霜冻 shuāngdòng frost
解冻 jiědòng to thaw; unfreeze
果冻 guǒdòng jelly
dōng East; master; owner; host
东西 dōngxi thing; creature
铺东 pùdōng owner; employer
房东 fángdōng landlord
dòng (量词 : houses) / ridgepole
独栋 dúdòng single building
栋桴 dòngfú ridgepole
dòng peptone
dōng Turdus birds
乌鸫 wūdōng blackbird
朝鸫 cháodōng mockingbird

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