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phonetic map : 矞 yu

Posted by goulnik December 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 矞

矞矞 yùyù nature bursting into life
矞云 yùyún clouds of many hues
sandpiper; snipe
山鹬 shānyù woodcock
鹬鸟 yùniǎo kiwi
tangerine; orange
橘子 júzi tangerine (also written 桔子)
金橘 jīnjú kumquat
橘汁 júzhī orange juice
jué to cheat; swindle
巧谲 qiǎojué crafty; cunning
(钅+矞) jué has hasp for a lock
扃(钅+矞) jiōngjué
rǒng fine, soft hair / fur / feathers
氄刺 rǒngcì fine fishbones
氄毛 rǒngmáo fine and soft feathers

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