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phonetic map : 丘 qiu

Posted by goulnik December 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 丘

. (variant of 丘)
qiū mound; hillock; grave
丘陵 qiūlíng hills; mound
坟丘 fénqiū grave mound; tomb
丘里 qiūlǐ n. native village
qiū .
蚯蚓 qiūyǐn earthworm
蚯蜥 qiūxī worm lizard
* yuè high mountain peak
五岳 Wǔyuè the Five Sacred Mountains
山岳 shānyuè lofty mountain
* yuè wife's parents
岳母 yuèmǔ wife's mother (∼in-law)
岳父 yuèfù wife's father (∼in-law)

** 岳 is also written 嶽
** it's unclear whether 丘 is a phonetic in 岳


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