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phonetic map : 差 cha

Posted by goulnik December 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 差

* chā difference
差别 chābié difference; contrast
差异 chāyì difference; divergence
chà inferior; poor; wrong(ly) / to lack
差不多 chàbuduō about; almost equal / good enough
差不离 chàbulí almost; about; not bad
差点 chàdiǎn almost / not quite good enough
chá raft
乘槎 chéngchá to ride on a raft and reach the Milky Way
* chāi to send; dispatch
差事 chāishi errand; assignment; job
出差 chūchāi to be on a business trip
差派 chāipài to dispatch/appoint (sb.)
* rank
差等 cīděng classification; classes
参差 cēncī uneven; irregular / disparity
cuō to rub with the hand
搓火 cuōhuǒ to get angry; feel impatient; be pissed off
搓碎 cuōsuì to rub into powder/bits
* cuō to stumble
磋跌 cuōdiē failure; slip; mistake (variant of 磋跌)
cuō to discuss; consider
磋商 cuōshāng to consult; exchange views
切磋 qiēcuō to learn from group discussion
cuō .
蹉跎 cuōtuó to slip and fall; miss a chance
cuó .
嵯峨 cuó'é towering (mountains)
cuó salt(y)
鹾使 cuóshǐ salt commissioner (清代 Qing)
jiē sigh
嗟悔 jiēhuǐ to lament
咨嗟 zījiē to heave a sigh; gasp in admiration

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