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phonetic map : 人+彡 zhen

Posted by goulnik December 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 人+彡

zhēn precious; rare / to value highly
珍宝 zhēnbǎo jewelry; treasure
珍贵 zhēnguì valuable; precious
珍惜 zhēnxī to treasure; cherish
人+彡 zhěn (component)
zhěn to diagnose
诊断 zhěnduàn ∼ (a disease)
门诊 ménzhěn outpatient service
诊所 zhěnsuǒ dispensary; clinic
zhěn rash; measles
麻疹 mázhěn measles
瘙疹 sàozhěn pruritus; itching rashes
zhěn path between fields
畛域 zhěnyù boundary; range; distinction
zhēn gizzard
胗肝 zhēngān gizzard and liver
zhěn carriage / to mourn
轸子 zhěnzi tuning peg
轸念 zhěnniàn to think anxiously about
轸忧 zhěnyōu worried and grieved
(纟+人+彡) zhěn to tw to twist; turn
(纟+人+彡)臂 zhěnbì to twist the arm
chèn to take advantage of; be rich in / while
趁便 chènbiàn at one's convenience
趁机 chènjī to seize a chance
趁热 chènrè while it's warm; before it's too late
* cān to join; take part; consult **
参加 cānjiā to attend; take part in; give advice
参观 cānguān to visit; tour
参考 cānkǎo to refer to / reference
参谋 cānmóu to give advice; talk over
* cēn .
参错 cēncuò uneven; irregular; jagged
* shēn ginseng
人参 rénshēn
tiǎn to destroy
殄绝 tiǎnjué to bring to an end
殄灭 tiǎnmiè to annihilate; wipe out

** it is not clear whether 㐱 has a phonetic role in 参

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