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phonetic map : 宗 zong

Posted by goulnik December 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 宗

zōng comprehensive; aggregate; composite
综合 zōnghé to synthesize; combine
综核 zōnghé to check comprehensively
zōng ancestors; clan; sect; faction; aim; religion; to venerate
祖宗 zǔzōng ancestors; forebears
宗家 zōngjiā family clan
禅宗 Chánzōng Zen/Dhyana sect
宗旨 zōngzhǐ aim; purpose
宗仰 zōngyǎng to esteem
宗教 zōngjiào religion
zōng footprint; track; trace
踪迹 zōngjì n. trace; track
失踪 shīzōng to be missing
zōng palm; palm fiber; brown
棕树 zōngshù palm tree
棕毛 zōngmáo palm fiber/coir
棕色 zōngsè brown color
zōng mane
马鬃 mǎzōng horse's ∼
zòng glutinous rice cooked in bamboo-leaf
粽子 zòngzi pyramid-shaped dumpling of ∼
肉粽 ròuzòng glutinous rice dumpling filled with meat
zōng hydrazone
chóng to respect; adulate
崇拜 chóngbài to worship; adore
崇奉 chóngfèng to believe in (a religion)
推崇 tuīchóng to esteem; praise highly
cóng .
淙淙 cóngcóng gurgling
淙静 cóngjìng tinkling sound of gems
cóng square jade with a hole in the middle
黄琮 huángcóng yellow jade used in sacrifices

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