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phonetic map : 孰 shu

Posted by goulnik December 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 孰

* shú ripe; cooked; done; familiar / processed; skilled; experienced
熟悉 shúxī to know well
熟铁 shútiě wrought iron
熟练 shúliàn skilled; proficient
shú who; which; what?
孰与 shúyǔ rather than
孰知 shúzhī who knows?
shú private school
私塾 sīshú old-style private school
塾师 shúshī tutor in a private/family school
* shóu same as shú
过熟 guòshóu overripe
混熟 hùnshóu to get familiar with
烤熟 kǎoshóu to toast; roast
摸熟 mōshóu to become familiar with (a road/area/etc.)

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