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phonetic map : 巨 ju

Posted by goulnik December 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 巨

to be apart/away from; oppose / distance
差距 chājù difference
程距 chéngjù range; scope
距今 jùjīn to date; thus far
huge; gigantic / extremely
巨大 jùdà huge; gigantic
巨额 jù'é huge sum/amount
巨案 jù'àn sensational case
to resist; refuse; reject
抗拒 kàngjù to resist; defy
拒绝 jùjué to refuse; reject; decline
* ju rules; regulations **
规矩 guīju rule; custom etiquette; manners / well-behaved
立规矩 lì guīju to set up rules
* .
规规矩矩 guīguijūjū well-behaved
* carpenter's square / rules; regulations
矩阵 jǔzhèn matrix
规矩 guījǔ compass and square
矩约 jǔyuē rules; regulations
* .
柜柳 jǔliǔ tree of the willow family
* .
苣胜 jùshèng sesame
莴苣 wōjù lettuce; asparagus lettuce
torch; fire
火炬 huǒjù torch
蜡炬 làjù candle
密炬 mìjù candle
black millet
秬酒 jùjiǔ liquor made from black millet
how could (start of rhetorical sentence)
讵意 jùyì who could have expected that; unexpectedly
讵知 jùzhī
great; huge; hard iron; hook
钜大 jùdà great; huge
钜费 jùfèi a large amount of money
  * .
苣荬菜 qǔmaicài endive
  * guì cupboard; cabinet
衣柜 yīguì wardrobe; armoire
柜台 guìtái counter; bar; front desk
掌柜 zhǎngguì shopkeeper; manager

** 矩 rules; regulations is pronounced ju when placed at the end, jǔ otherwise

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