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盲文 mángwén

Posted by calkins December 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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Example Sentences

T 盲童要靠用手觸摸盲文才能進行閱讀。

S 盲童要靠用手触摸盲文才能进行阅读。

mángtóng yāo kào yòng shǒu chùmō mángwén cáinéng jìnxíng yuèdú.

Blind children can only read using Braille.

T 盲文,  或稱點字,  是專為盲人設計靠觸覺感知的凸字

S 盲文,  或称点字,  是专为盲人设计靠触觉感知的凸字。

mángwén, huòchēng diǎnzì,  shì zhuān wèi mángrén shèjì kào chùjué gǎnzhī de tū zì.

Braille, also known as dianzi, is especially designed for blind people and is dependent on the sense of touch of convex symbols.


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