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抢救 qiǎngjiù

Posted by calkins December 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: 搶救, 抢救, qiǎngjiù, rescue






T : 搶救


S : 抢救



Example Sentence

T 搶救工作無效了。

S 抢救工作无效了。

qiǎngjiù gōngzuò wúxiào le.

The rescue work was in vain.


T 整個醫院都動員了起來搶救傷員。

S 整个医院都动员了起来抢救伤员。

zhěng gè yīyuàn dōu dòngyuán le qǐlai qiǎngjiù shāngyuán.

The entire hospital mobilized into action to rescue the wounded.


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