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Studying in China. Segregation

Posted by tianfeng June 29, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

This will not be the same questions that most people ask (what school show I go to? Is ----- a good choice?) because I lived in China I taught at universities and I already know what it is like. I am wondering if anyone here has or is studying in China now and how segregated they were from the rest of the student population. I am starting at the end of aug at Zheda and I plan on getting an apartment off campus. Right now I am not loaded with cash so I was hoping to live in the cheap Chinese dorm until I find a place with my brother. My Japanese baseball teammates told me that at 北京外贸大学 they were paying about 200 rmb per month. That sounded great to me because all I am looking for is a place to stay when I am tired and to keep my books. I also want to be involved in the universities student life. I was, however, told that at Zheda that I am not allowed to live with the Chinese students. I am only allowed to live in the separate foreign dorm that costs 10 times as much and only foreigners are allowed. I am also not allowed to play on the official university sports team because I am a foreigner. I am a pretty good basketball player and I played for my university in Canada. I was hoping I could tryout for the university team and make some friends quick but it look like that a no go.

Anyone who has seen a Chinese dorm is probably wondering why the hell I would want to live there anyway. Despite their cramped quarters and communal facilities, I still think it would be the best way to fit in. I know I am always going to be a foreigner and I am proud to be Canadian, but I could be a student and a roommate to some rather than just another foreigner. Maybe I am just overreacting to the segragation but it does set up walls between foreign and Chinese people. I worked at an english summer camp as a teacher and was the same age as all of the university students who were working with me. I, however, was put up in an entirely different building and had a single room while they stayed in a room next to the students. It really separated us at first and I feel I wold have rather stayed with them. In the end we worked past it but they were not even allowed to come to my room and hang out.

I hope this separation dosen't make it hard to enjoy my time there. I can't believe that there is even a separate cafeteria for foreign students. If anyone has had any experience with this while studying or just in everyday life let me know.

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