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phonetic map : 鲜 xian

Posted by goulnik January 7, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 鲜

* xiǎn rare
鲜乏 xiǎnfá scarce
朝鲜 Cháoxiǎn (North) Korea
xiān fresh; new; delicious; tasty / delicacy; seafood / bright
保鲜 bǎoxiān to keep food fresh
时鲜 shíxiān fresh; in season
海鲜 hǎixiān seafood
鲜艳 xiānyàn bright-colored
xiǎn moss
藓苔 xiǎntái
苔藓 táixiǎn lichen
xuǎn tinea, ringworm
脚癣 jiǎoxuǎn athlete's foot
甲癣 jiǎxuǎn onychomycosis

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