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Posted by rich June 30, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

A quick question as I am trying to rebuild my website after 5 years.  I thought it would be cool, with all my other Chinese links and bits, such as Zhongwen.com's change character graphics, to be able to have visiters click on the same flash mp3 player as on ChinesePod's home page to listen to today's ChinesePod podcast.  Can and how can we do this?  I see from the code of ChinesePod's home page that the mp3 file is hardcoded, at least on the front end, into the page.  Is there anyway we too can put this player on our website, and ChinesePod handle the changing of the file it plays? (really suggest just having a filename that links to the file of the day so it only has to be changed there). If no way, hope ChinesePod will impliment a way for it's fans to promote the site.  Thanks.




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