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小鸟, 牛粪和猫(birdie, cow's dung and cat)

Posted by sunmun June 30, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .



  1) 不是每个在你身上拉屎的都是你的敌人。

  2) 不是每个把你从屎堆中拉出来的都是你的朋友。

  3) 而且,当你陷入深深的屎堆当中(身陷困境)的时候,闭上你的鸟嘴!

a bird was on his way flying to the south for hibernation. the weather was too cool, and the little bird was frozen stiff. he dropped from the sky, and fell into a farmland. when he was lying at the farmland, a cow came over. the cow sthitted on the bird. the frozen stiff bird felt so warm when he was lying into the dung. then the snug dung brought he back again slowly. he was lying there, warm and very happy. then sung songs in joy very soon. a cat heard his singing when she passed by. she came over follew the singing and figured out what was happening. she turned up the bird into the cow's dung. she digged him up adroitly and eated him very quickly.

this fable tell us

1. not all the people who shit you are enemies.

2.not all the people who pull you out are friends.

3. and, when you are getting into the deep feces(be in hot water), shut your bird's mouth.

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