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phonetic map : 旬 xun

Posted by goulnik January 14, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 旬

xún to ask; inquire
询问 xúnwèn to (formally) inquire
查询 cháxún to inquire into/about
xún period of 10 days / 10 years (age of the elderly)
初旬 chūxún first of the three 10-days of a month; (at) the beginning
旬岁 xúnsuì the whole year
xún truly; indeed
洵属 xúnshǔ truly; certainly
xùn to; practice favoritism; die for a cause
徇私 xùnsī to practice favoritism / nepotism
徇义 xùnyì to die a martyr's death
xùn to be buried alive with the dead; die for
殉国 xùnguó to die for one's country
殉道 xùndào to die for a cause
Xún (surname)
荀子 Xúnzǐ (philosopher,298-238 B.C.)
xún .
嶙峋 línxún jagged; rugged; skinny; upright (of people)
xún honest; sincere; fearful; in awe of
恂达 xúndá intelligent
恂栗 xúnlì severe-looking; awe-inspiring
Xún (surname; ancient state)
郇厨 xúnchú sumptuous feast
sǔn bamboo shoot **
芦笋 lúsǔn asparagus; edible young sprouts of reeds
笋瓜 sǔnguā winter squash
石笋 shísǔn stalagmite
xuàn gorgeous; splendid
绚丽 xuànlì gorgeous; magnificent

** the simplified form of 筍 is 笋

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