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奇迹 qíjì

Posted by calkins January 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: miracle, qíjì, 奇迹, 奇跡

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T : 奇跡


S : 奇迹




Example Sentence

T 哈德遜河奇跡,迫降河面,全美航班155人獲救了。

S 哈德逊河奇迹,迫降河面,全美航班155人获救了。

Hādéxùn Hé qíjī, pòjiàng hé miàn, Quánměi Hángbān 155 rén huòjiù le.

The Hudson River miracle, where a plane was forced to land on the river's surface, all 155 U.S. Airways passengers were rescued.


T 這真是名副其實的奇跡

S 这真是名副其实的奇迹

zhè zhēnshì míngfùqíshí de qíjī.

This is a veritable miracle.


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