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phonetic map : 巿 fu

Posted by goulnik January 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 巿

* flourishing; growing abundantly
芾芾 fúfú luxuriant (plants)
fèi n. lungs
肺脏 fèizàng
肺炎 fèiyán pneumonia
肺癌 fèi'ái lung cancer
* fèi .
蔽芾 bìfèismall and dense (leaves/branches)
pèi abundant
充沛 chōngpèi plentiful; abundant; full of
沛泽 pèizé thickets and marshes
pèi swallow-tail flag; banner
羽旆 yǔpèi banner adorned with feathers
旆旆 pèipèi flying in the wind (flags); growing luxuriantly (plants)
pèi heavy rain
渥霈 wòpèi n. copious rains
雱霈 pāngpèi hard; heavy (rain)

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