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吊灯 diàodēng

Posted by calkins February 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: pendant lamp, chandelier, diàodēng, 吊灯, 吊燈

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T : 吊燈


S : 吊灯



Example Sentence

T 漂亮的吊燈如花般綻放,帶來優美時尚的生活享受。

S 漂亮的吊灯如花般绽放,带来优美时尚的生活享受。

piàoliang de diàodēng rúhuā bān zhàn fàng ,dàilái yōuměi shíshàng de shēnghuó xiǎngshòu.

Like a flower in bloom, the beautiful chandelier brings about an elegant style that aids in the enjoyment of life.


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