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冥想 míngxiǎng

Posted by calkins February 8, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

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Example Sentence

T 一個和尚清早在馬來西亞森林,做著冥想

S 一个和尚清早在马来西亚森林,做着冥想

Yīgè héshang qīngzǎo zài Mǎláixīyà sēnlín,zuòzhe míngxiǎng.

At daybreak in a Malaysian forest, a Buddhist monk is doing meditation.


T 和尚在冥想的時候也能感知周圍的世界。

S 和尚在冥想的时候也能感知周围的世界。

Héshang zài míngxiǎng de shíhòu yě néng gǎnzhī zhōuwéi de shìjiè.

During meditation, monks can still perceive the world around them.


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