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Chinese Idioms - 黄粱美梦

Posted by vann0000 February 9, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Golden Millet Dream (黄粱美梦 huang liang mei meng)

In the time of the Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar called Lu Sheng. One year, Lu Sheng went to Xian to take an examination. When he arrived in Handan, he stayed in an inn for the night. In the inn, he met a Taoist monk and they began to talk.

" Lu Sheng said, "My family is poor and I have no one to rely on. I want to take the examination to become an official so I can have a good life."

The monk said: "Young man, you want to do well on the examination so you can become a rich man, right? I have a good idea. Here I have a green china pillow. Rest your head on this and take a nap. If you do that, you can get everything you desire."

Lu Sheng was very glad to hear this, and he carefully set the pillow aside. Now, the innkeeper had just then boiled a pot of porridge, but Lu Sheng couldn't wait for the porridge to be ready. He put his head on the green china pillow and quickly fell asleep.

Lu Sheng dreamed that he passed the examination and became a high official. He married a beautiful wife who bore him five sons who then gave him ten grandsons. All his sons and grandsons also passed the examination and became officials themselves. After being a high official in the city, Lu Sheng went on to become the prime minister. He was very happy with his life.

In his dream he was filled with joy, but suddenly, he felt hungry. The wonderful dream was interrupted. After he woke up, stretched, rubbed his eyes, and looked around, he found himself still sleeping in the inn in Handan. He was still wearing the worn out clothes. The Taoist monk was still sitting beside him. The porridge the innkeeper was making still wasn't ready. The only thing that had changed was that the grumbling in his stomach was louder than it was before.

All of us have dreams for the future. The important thing for us to remember is to study hard and do things carefully. In this way, we can turn our beautiful dreams into reality.

黄粱美梦 (huáng liáng měi mèng)

唐朝的时候,有个姓卢(lú)的读书人,人称卢生.有一年,卢生去西安参加考试.到了邯郸(hán dān)以后,就住进了一家旅店.他在旅店里遇见了一位道士,俩人便聊起天儿来.

卢生说:"我家里很穷,又无依无靠,我想考个官儿做,也好过上好日子,可考了几次一直考不中,希望这次能考好. "

道士说:"年轻人,你不是想考得好一些,过上富人的生活吗?我倒有一个好主意.我这里有一个青瓷(qīng cí)枕头,你枕着它睡一会儿,你就可以得到你想要的一切了."


卢生梦见自已考中了,又当了大官,娶了一个漂亮的媳妇(xí fù),生了五个儿子,后来又有了十个孙子.儿孙们个个都考中了.功成名就,当了高官.这时候已作了大臣(dà chén)的他,过上了非常幸福的生活.

正当他在梦乡中十分高兴的时候,忽然觉得很饿,好梦被打断了.他醒来以后,伸了伸懒腰(shēn lǎn yāo),又揉(róu)了揉双眼,向四周环顾(sì zhōu huán gù),发现自已仍旧(réng jìu)睡在邯郸的旅店里,身上穿的仍旧是那件破旧的衣衫,道士也还坐在自已的身边,就连店主人那锅小米饭也还没有煮熟,只是肚子里"咕咕咕"的叫声更响了.



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