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Simpler Chinese chatting?

Posted by Lantian July 5, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

简单说 - Cpod 能不能在Newbie, Elem, Inter 用简单中文跟我们说说吗?现在,只在高级播客是有人跟我们用中文写评论。这是好事,不过坦白说有时候那些播客的题目的词汇对我太难用,我需要多长时间慢慢写那些题目的词汇。所以有时候我就随便说随便的题目,打几个字出来。我不知道我有没有打扰别的真是高级学生们。

看起来我觉得在 Newbie, Elem, Inter 人写中文是很小,我觉得他们真有点怕写错,有时候还有别的学生批评写错的学生们。这个环境我觉得不太好。现在你们很认真答案大家的问题,不过跟大家用中文聊聊比较小。如果你们可以多engage学生们为了用简单汉字就可以帮帮他们提高output. 我觉得这可以算跟你们的The Fix, output initiative,多双赢!

In general, what I asked/said above was that I'd like to see Cpod engage more of the lower levels in conversations in "simple Chinese." Right now this is done at the advanced level, but I think it would also be helpful at the lower levels.

I think Chinese is already intimidating enough for most people, but it really shouldn't be. Although Cpod is absolutely correct and excellent in responding to people's questions, I thought it would also be nice if they upped their hanzi/Chinese responses to encourage people to post and communicate in Chinese (hanzi).

I called it part of a “more output initiative" at Cpod.

What do other's think? 大家有什么看法? :) 

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