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Chinese Idioms - 南辕北辙

Posted by vann0000 February 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: idiom, action, intention, opposites

南辕北辙(nán yuán běi zhé)

Once a man wanted to go to the south, but his carriage was heading north. A passer-by asked him: 'If you are going to the south, why is your chariot heading north? ' The man answered, 'My horse is good at running, my driver is highly skilled at driving a carriage, and I have enough money. ' The man didn't consider that the direction might be wrong; the better his conditions were, the further he was away from his destination. The idiom derived from this story indicates that one's action was the opposite effect to one's intention.


 南辕北辙(nán yuán běi zhé)
【翻译】one's action was the opposite effect to one's intention.
【反义词】殊途同归 背道而驰 异途同归

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