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玫瑰 méiguī

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Example Sentence

T 情人節時, 不少的女人想要一束玫瑰

S 情人节时, 不少的女人想要一束玫瑰

Qíngrénjié shí , bùshǎo de nǚrén xiǎngyào yī shù méiguī.

On Valentine's Day, many women would like a bouquet of roses.


T 花園裡有玫瑰, 郁金香, 還有珠蘭。

S 花园里有玫瑰, 郁金香, 还有珠兰。

huāyuán lǐ yǒu méiguī , yùjīnxiāng , háiyǒu zhūlán.

There are roses, tulips, and zhulan trees in the garden.


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